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Hottest Web Tech Trends to Adopt in 2021

1. Voice search

We are currently experiencing the beginning of the voice search era. Every smartphone is already equipped with a digital voice assistant (Siri for iPhones, Google Assistant for Android-based phones).

2. WebAssembly

When building a web app, performance is usually compromised. JavaScript limitations make heavy calculations slow, and that significantly affects user experience. This is why most of the popular games and powerful applications are only available as a native desktop app.

3. Content personalization through machine learning

Artificial intelligence, including machine learning, affects our everyday activities on the internet without us even recognizing it. This is the main point of ML — providing improved experiences natively.

4. Data security

The more data that a web app processes, the more attractive it looks to cybercriminals. They aim to spoil your services and steal your users' data or internal company information. This can cause great harm to your reputation and cost you a lot.

5. Progressive web apps (PWA) and accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

Google prioritizes web apps that load quickly on mobile devices. This is why you should consider implementing PWA or AMP, which are unique technologies that reduce web page load time.

6. Multi-experience

The app development story started from smartphones, tablets, and laptops, which are now so widespread we cannot even imagine our day without them.